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Environments and Safety and Health center is divided into environmental protection, occupational safety, and health division, as well as building safety division.

The main duties of the “Environmental protection” sub-division include (a) Waste Management of the Laboratory, (b) Management of Toxic Chemical Substances, (c) Management of New Chemical Substances, (d) Management of Concerned Chemical Substances, (e) Laboratory Emergency Response, (f) Laboratory Wastewater Management, (g) Green Procurement Business, (h) Energy Saving and Carbon Emission Reduction and (i) Prevention of Dengue Fever.

The main business of the “Safety and Health” sub-division include (a) Laboratory Safety and Health, (b) Management of Priority Chemicals, (c) Management of Biosafety, (d) Electrical Safety, (e) Management of Dangerous Operation and (f) Occupational Safety and Health.

In the case of any emergent events occurring, please contact the Campus Security Office at 03-5714769 or in-campus extension number 33333. It’s a 24-hour on-call service