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[Announcement]Implement online Laboratory Safety and Health education and training

In response to the management of the epidemic, the department can still apply to the Environmental Safety and Health Center to handle safety and health education and training related to the experimental site of the unit.

Online education and training were reopened on February 25, 110.

ESHsystem LAB  (Link)

If there is any system abnormality during the training process, the training system is currently in the testing phase, so please re-train. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. And please report the abnormal situation so that the system can be corrected.

Please observe the following matters for online education and training:

1. Those who want to conduct online education and training should first establish basic personnel information on the management system. (The establishment can be assisted by the unit manager or laboratory manager)
(For those who are outside the school, please refer to the instructions for the establishment of non-school personnel-Link)

2.Online education training path
Laboratory Management System⇒Course management⇒ Online education training system(Host1 or Host2)

3.Online training interface: It can be operated on a computer or on a mobile phone or tablet. But do not use IE browser for training.

4.Please pay attention to the training process:

(1) Please accept the training. The confirmation window will pop up from time to time during the training process. If the confirmation button is not clicked within the time, the training will be invalid.
(2) When performing online training, please be sure to choose a wired network and a network with stable bandwidth. A wireless network or a network with unstable bandwidth can easily cause the training record return to fail, so that the training fails. If the training fails Please retrain yourself.
(3) If you want to leave, please click Leave. The system will record the accumulated hours. When you next watch, please pull the timeline to the last end point.
(4) Please complete one subject before proceeding to the next subject training. (If it is not completed, perform another subject, so that the training record is cleared, you are responsible for it.)


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